Those little, mean Munros…




The same place again, I’m so unpredictable when it comes to locations! Well, it was the first time in Scotland in October and it looked and felt like a new place. Munros (Scottish mountains higher than 900m) they change their colours beautifully according to season. This time decided to revisit Bidean Nam Bian (Three Sisters) and was surprised how empty the trail was! Can’t say the same about car park, it’s always crowded, luckily those people just stay there to take photos and off to the next stop they go. There was one brave heart attempting to walk up in flip flops, didn’t get very far… Continue reading


Went for a walk, Scotland.


A wet walk, a very wet walk. Few important lessons learned – to take care of waterproof clothing and boots is a must, otherwise they don’t function as they should, no matter how expensive and I should keep this in mind. Wet feet is no fun and especially when one boot is filled with mud too and hello blisters – hiking is fun! 3 nights wild camping for the first time, few errors and the next camping trip to Iceland in 4weeks and I’m much smarter now. Continue reading

In the middle of nowhere – Scotland.


With all that beauty and activities Scotland has to offer, my trips to Highlands are more frequent, would say regular almost. No matter how many times I have been in Glencoe, area around Three Sisters gives me goosebumps, always and all those Munros (mountains above 900m) are slowly being climbed, should probably do a list and thick them off, if I could remember those Gaelic names of Munros…  Continue reading

Austrian trails


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Golling waterfall. Green, soft moss makes this place magical.

It has been a year since my last trip to Austria and this time decided to wander off city streets and put on the hiking boots and off to the mountains and into the woods I went. Hiking boots are now officially the best footwear I had ever put on and city streets are no longer my holiday destination, my heart belong to nature and city streets have become hiking trails where it’s just me, animals and sometimes another human being to smile and say hello. Continue reading

Like a hedgehog in the fog…


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Mountain beauties. Ben Nevis wild life.

And back again… Highlands have been often visited place this year and will be. My love for hiking and ice climbing (so far indoors, yes, there is such a thing as indoor ice climbing, I’m playing safe this year) is growing with rapid speed. Mountains have their own rules and often unpredictable and no matter what, it feels like a comfort zone to me. They make me swear a lot on myself and talk to myself out loud. They make me discuss all possible things and laugh too. Never in my life I thought I would speak with a rock or a tree and it feels alright. Actually, never thought I could go hiking alone. And it’s not scary, not at all. Challenging – definitely. Continue reading

Wandering around Moscow…



moscow red square russia

Red Square

Despite many negative comments I received from others regarding Russia, I blocked them all out and visited my friend in Moscow. It was a nice catch up after 7 years of not seeing each other. Have to say I didn’t get robbed, stopped by police or put in prison and the drivers in Moscow are not that extreme either as I was told, some do misbehave and have to keep in mind it’s a big city, with over 15million people living there and there is always someone willing to break the rules, just like in any other place. To all who wonder – Moscow is safe 😉 As I have never been to other parts of Russia, situation could be different there. Continue reading