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I was told Bled is similar to Hallstatt in Austria and should consider other place to go.  And for a moment I found myself searching for other destinations, but something made me stick to Bled. And glad I did. Bled is nothing like Hallstatt, both places are incredibly beautiful, but far from similar. Without thinking more, booked flight, accommodation and bye London! 

I was hoping to experience lots of snow as it was already end of November and it turned out to be the warmest winter in Slovenia they have ever had. Seems like the winter is slowly leaving Europe… And sadly, my winter boots stayed in a luggage all my trip in Slovenia. Never mind, I was welcomed with a beautiful, sunny autumn like weather.

When arrived in Bled, the lake was covered by the fog – very magical. And for surprise there were not that many tourists, as I expected. I’ll sound selfish, but good that many people don’t like when it gets a bit chilly outside and hot countries become their destinations – a lot more space for me!

Second day in Bled – a lot of walking, have to keep myself fit! As the day was nice, decided to walk to Vintgar Gorge, took me about an hour to walk there from Bled, passing small villages, views to mountains and when thinking about my walk to Vintgar Gorge, the smell of the food was so strong that I slowed down and enjoyed the lovely smell, reminded me of grandmother. When finally reached the Vintgar Gorge, I noticed ticket office and it was closed. There was a gate too with sign – closed, but still easy to get in and for a moment I got confused, walked all the way and not to see Vintgar Gorge was not an option for me! Felt brave and walked in anyway. After, I was told by locals, Vintgar Gorge is closed during off season. But as mentioned before, it is easy to get in, just need to bend a bit and I met maybe 5 other people during my 1h or so walk. Beautiful trail and I believe it can get very crowded during the season. I was lucky enough to be on my own almost all the walk.

And now – photo time!

bled Slovenia castle

The lake is beautiful even without decorations, but heart added a special atmosphere. By the way – castle on the right.

bled fog slovenia lake


bled slovenia lake fog

That fog was stubborn! But I loved it!

bled slovenia lake boats mountains

It is possible to rent one of those boats and have a nice trip to the church or just around the lake.


Or one of those

dobra gora slovenia

Walked up a small hill Dobra Gora and no other human being there apart from me! Amazing!

vintgar gorge slovenia

Vintgar Gorge – the beautiful trail with clear blue/green water.

vintgar gorge slovenia

Vintgar Gorge

vintgar gorge slovenia

Vintgar Gorge