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Ahh, don’t even know where to start! Have to admit, didn’t do much research and had a very little idea what to expect. I was in for a surprise – a beautiful surprise.

Decided to stay in Ribčev Laz, the closest village to Bohinj lake. If I remember correctly, about an hour drive on the bus or a bit less from Bled. As mentioned above – didn’t do much research and it turned out to be off season and Ribčev Laz was pretty much empty and almost all restaurants were closed. Luckily, there was a small grocery shop and a tourist information centre open. To be honest, it was enough and enjoyed that peacefulness around.

Spent hours next to the lake, walking from one side to another and I was very lucky to see and feel a bit of snow! It was just a tiny, tiny layer of snow and it was enough to put a smile on my face! Bohinj lake and a bit of snow made me smile like a way too happy idiot during my stay in Ribčev Laz! Pretty much, I was on my own the whole time and no one could see my over excitement, so I’m safe – there is no one who thinks there is something wrong with me…

During the summer months Bohinj lake can get very busy as it’s allowed to swim. But what a beautiful swimming it would be! Absolutely picturesque!

bohinj lake slovenia

This is how an early morning look like on Bohinj lake.

ribcev laz

Almost everything was closed…

ribcev laz slovenia

Church of St. John the Baptist.

bohinj lake

Slovenians have a tale about the white mountain goat Zlatorog.

bohinj lake

The tiny layer of snow I was talking about 🙂

bohinj lake

One side of the lake looked more like it’s still autumn.

bohinj lake

Even the boats are resting.

bohinj lake

This lake is so perfect…

bohinj lake

I want to go back…