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This was my favourite street and the classical music played out loud from the speakers made me to come back to this street again and again.

Charming city! I think I done the right choice to visit Ljubljana in December. Christmas market, decorations (oh, how beautiful the city looked in the evening!), the small outside cafes next to the river and the smell of mulled wine and that Christmas feeling what I was looking for – was there.

During the evening hours the city gets busy and can understand why – who can resist the smell of mulled wine and the tasty street food and the chestnuts! The best chestnuts I have ever tasted! At least it was enough for me to keep me wandering around the city centre for hours and hours.


Triple Bridge


How I love those cute Christmas markets! I truly dislike shopping, but those little markets make me stop and stare at every single thing (mostly handmade) what is being sold there.


Some of the streets were pretty empty during the day time (one of the reasons why I prefer to travel winter/autumn/spring time) and quickly filled up with people after the working hours.


On my way to the castle. It was a bit of an exercise as the castle is located up the hill. Don’t be scared – not a big one (please see photo above)! And the good news for those who don’t want to be out of breath and covered in sweat, can have a ride on funicular.


Have almost reached the castle… and the sun is out!


Made it!


I really enjoyed walking through the small streets.

The whole stay in Ljubljana was wonderful, got lucky with a very sunny days. If you ever find yourself in Ljubljana or any other spot in Slovenia where they have bakeries – don’t walk past! The cakes and other pastries are damn delicious! I really want them now… Ahh, never mind, one day I’ll come back to Slovenia for more cakes and the nature. What a beautiful trip it was!