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On the road again…urge to escape the city and people was there again. I felt I had to go somewhere. I’m one of those people who like to spend more time on their own and the last few weeks was a bit too much, too much work and too many people around. And ahh, I don’t like myself when it happens, can get annoyed sometimes by small things and that’s the sign –  I have to go. I’m emotionally balanced person and if something doesn’t feel quite right, the action is needed and in my case – nature. Nature does wonders to me! I still need a bit more time on my own, but I guess drawing or creating something on Illustrator will put the finishing touches, always helps. 

Prepared for the rain and wind I was on the train to Eastbourne to start my journey to Seven Sisters. The rain had stopped and the wind was not as bad as people warned, the day was a bit grey, but knowing it’s January, having plus degrees outside and no rain – it seemed like a perfect day!

seven sisters seaford

As there is no snow in England, had to find something white somewhere else. And my 4h walk begun.

In short – hair ruined, boots covered in mud, some bird surprises on trousers, phone battery died in the middle of nowhere while tried to find out where I am and when finally ended up in one town, was too embarrassed to ask where I am, just asked for the nearest train station… Sometimes I surprise myself… But I truly love when those things happen, something to laugh about! And I did end up in the right town – yay!

seven sisters seaford united kingdom england

This part was occupied by sheep and oh so many chocolate balls everywhere! Can’t escape not to step into sheep droppings, they are everywhere.

seaford seven sisters england united kingdom

Have to warn, be careful while walking near the edge of the cliff, white part of the cliff can be very slippery when wet.

seaford seven sisters united kingdom england

Those are the birds I was talking about… In Latvia, we have this saying if a bird leaves a not wanted surprise on you, it means luck! So lucky me!

seaford seven sisters england united kingdom

The day was grey, but was so worth to be there! Very peaceful. I’ll be exploring UK a bit more, this country has some hidden gems too.