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After 2 and half years I made my trip back to my motherland – yes, I know that’s a long time… Always thought it was a boring land with nothing to see. Completely flat, forests being cut down and even the sea seemed too calm! This time I looked at my flat land with tourist eyes and thought to myself how blind I was!

This post is devoted to the beautiful and different Baltic shores in Latvia.

The first shore is in my hometown Liepāja:

liepaja latvia liepāja latvija

The central beach in Liepāja.

karosta latvija latvia liepaja

Abandoned fortifications in Karosta beach.

karosta latvia latvija liepaja liepāja

Abandoned fortifications in Karosta beach.

liepaja karosta latvija latvia

My family took me around Kurzeme region (where I come from) and had no idea this rocky beach existed!


Kaltenes rocky beach.

latvia latvija

We don’t have palm trees either but we have pine trees 🙂 Beach in Jūrkalne

kolka latvija latvia latvija

Kolka cape, where the two seas meet! Beach in Kolka

kolka latvija latvia

Beach in Kolka

Will write more about places I visited in the next post. For my surprise there are many things to do in Latvia 🙂