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Latvia, a country not that many people have heard about. Nope, not part of Russia and Lithuania and Latvia are two separate countries. We are neighbours with Lithuania and we do share some similarities in culture and language but we are not one country. Why did I mention this? Because I have to answer those questions over and over again…

In those 2 weeks back in motherland, managed to see a lot more than when I lived there! Not something to be proud of… Back then I didn’t even think of going somewhere and traveling was for other people. Firstly – no money and secondly I was a goth, a depressed teenager who didn’t care about anything apart from metal music and black clothing. Well, we all been weird back in teenage years 😀

Everyone who knows me a bit, knows how much dislike I had going back. The level of politeness in Latvia is still questionable, customer service is better now and can even hear words like hello and thank you (what seemed to be banned before 😀 ), there is still room to improve. Have to say, was pleasantly surprised people are becoming friendlier. A nice surprise for sure.

Had no plan on what to do in Latvia apart from seeing my family and friends. It turned out to be an amazing holiday. Family and friends took me to nice places for what I’m very thankful.

Did not take any photos of ‘touristic’ places like nice looking buildings in city centres. Not a big fan of buildings…

karosta latvija latvia church

St. Nicholas Cathedral behind Soviet Union era apartments in Karosta – one of the Russian speaking neighbourhoods in Liepāja. 


liepaja latvija latvia tram

We still have cobblestone roads in Liepāja

boat karosta beberlini

During those 2 weeks, spent around 5h on this lake. Sun burnt my skin bad but it was worth it! 😀

bbwakepark wakeboarding beberlini karosta latvija

My first time wakeboarding! Was lucky to have very patient instructor 😀 Have never drunk that much lake water in my life 😀

karosta beberlini liepaja wakeboard

One of activities to do in Liepāja. Watersports are very popular.

pusenu kapa latvija latvia sea forest

When girls have nothing better to do… My favorite place in Jūrmalciems, not far from Liepāja. During the night time the sky opens up a great view to the biggest stars I have ever seen. Magical place, in the middle of the woods 🙂

aizpute latvija latvia

A small town Aizpute, used to be my hometown for couple of years.


Managed to rent a bicycle and cycle around Liepāja. First time on a bicycle after 10 years and didn’t not fall! 😀

aizpute beaver forest trees

Beaver is one hard working animal…

forest latvija latvia

Love those forest paths!!!


Widest waterfall in Europe. Venta River in Kuldīga

sigulda velnala devils cave latvija latvia

Looking for the Devils Cave in Sigulda

sigulda gauja latvia latvija

We do have some baby hills too! Gauja River, Sigulda

Latvia latvija sunrise

Last evening in Latvia…