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Scotland was not on my destination list this year or in a nearest future. Kind of knew nature is beautiful there but somehow Scotland never got my attention until now. After trying out ice climbing in Iceland some things have changed in my life and climbing both rock and ice is part of my life now. Not brave enough yet to discover the great outdoors but I’ll get there and at the moment I’m working on my climbing skills and strength indoors. It came as a surprise (shock) when my rock climbing instructor told me there is indoor ice climbing wall in London (Covent Garden) and Scotland in a small village called Kinlochleven. The London ice wall is good too but I prefer the one in Scotland, apparently it’s the biggest one in the world. So, from now on Scotland will be a very visited place. Actually, 4 weeks and I’m back again 🙂

arrochar scotland


scotland arrochar

And when decided to leave hiking boots in a hotel because I was sure I will just walk around the village – noticed a path taking into a forest up the hill. My mind said no, but heart and legs followed the rocky path… And my trainers were almost destroyed. No regrets! 🙂

scotland forest arrochar

Love those moments when there is just me and mountains and forest.

scotland arrochar

Those pretty, pretty flowers.

scotland arrochar

Still need to practise with setting timer on a camera… 😀

glencoe scotland

Beautiful Glencoe, will spend here more time during my next trip. Mountains there are nicely green. And some parts a bit outside this area reminded me of Iceland – green mountains, no trees and houses to be seen for a while, big rocks on a fields.

scotland kinlochleven

On the way to Kinlochleven.

ice factor scotland kinlochleven

Have reached my destination – Ice Factor 🙂