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View to Three Sisters.

And back again! Pretty sure not the last time this year, ice climbing is addictive and their indoor ice climbing gym/centre in Kinlochleven is really good. Somehow I got a feeling Scotland will become my second home and impatiently I’m waiting for winter to put my skills into test outdoors.

As I was able to stay in Scotland for only 2 nights, decided to stay in Glencoe just 13km from Kinlochleven. Such a beautiful, scenic village! So many hiking trails to walk from few hours to couple of days. A hikers and photographers paradise for sure! Mountain hiking is new to me, decided to stick to relatively short trails and once I’ll learn how to use compass – bye everyone for couple of days and up to the mountains and into the woods I’ll go 🙂

glencoe scotland


glencoe scotland higlands

Glencoe is a small village with friendly people and nature is stunning! What else to wish for!

glence pap of glencoe scotland

And my journey to walk up Pap of Glencoe begun. Was very lucky with weather, at least while walking up the mountain. Scottish weather is unpredictable, can experience all seasons in 10min 😀

glencoe pap scotland

It was just me and the mountains.

glencoe scotland

Pap of Glencoe

glencoe scotland

Pap of Glencoe. By the time I reached the top, the weather started to change…

glencoe scotland

Fog is so thick, can’t see the mountain…

glencoe scotland forest

Into the woods.


Ahh, those pretty, pretty forest flowers!

glencoe scotland

One of the trails.

scotland glencoe

Scotland is so beautiful! And Ben Nevis is next on my list 🙂