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Oberhofen Castle

Escape to land which looks like a fairytale now is over, one week is too short. Switzerland is more than beautiful, at least villages and small towns are unrealistic cute! Not sure about bigger towns and cities as I did not stay there. Ohhh, I’m totally in love with nature and those small cute houses decorated with colourful flowers! Sometimes I caught myself thinking – maybe I’m asleep in my bed and just dreaming, some places seemed to be too pretty to be real and it was hard for me to understand if I’m really walking on this magical land!

solalex gryon switzerland

Just a normal house in Switzerland.. Around Gryon area, Route de Solalex

My main reason to visit Switzerland was for hiking. They have good hiking trails and very well marked. Managed to hike from 20-30km a day and my new hiking boots were put on a test and looks like I have done a good choice, the most comfy shoes (when it comes to long walks and uneven surfaces) I have ever owned!

Route de Solalex gryon switzerland

That perfect spot where to have some lunch. Route de Solalex

villars gryon sasolex switzerland

All I can say – pure happiness! Somewhere in between Chaux Ronde and Route de Solalex.

chaux ronde switzerland gryon

The bell sounds on the mountains is hard to describe. Those cows in the Alps are beautiful musicians. Chaux Ronde

chaux ronde switzerland gryon

Have to admit – I was scared to walk on this path. It’s quite narrow and steep from both sides and fog made it mystical – definitely worth to walk this path. Chaux Ronde

gryon switzerland

And the fog I was talking about.

alps switzerland gryon

Flowers of the Alps. They are so, so pretty! My camera is full of flowers! 😀

St Beatus Caves interlaken switzerland

St. Beatus Caves.

interlaken switzerland

Interlaken is a touristic spot and a bit bigger town and with great choice of hiking trails! Did not spend much time in the town, actually, it’s quite charming – surrounded by mountains, green/blue river flowing through the town. Strange, there were always free benches by the river and it seemed like most tourists spent time shopping or paragliding which is very popular in Interlaken. When I was back from the mountains and forests I found myself by the river with some tasty chocolate to enjoy.


On the last day decided to discover Interlaken and be like a normal tourist, promised myself not to wander off on any trail. Even put on a dress and left hiking shoes in a hostel. Didn’t work out that way… I just had to climb up a hill and disappear into the woods for couple of hours… Beautiful hours!