moscow red square russia

Red Square

Despite many negative comments I received from others regarding Russia, I blocked them all out and visited my friend in Moscow. It was a nice catch up after 7 years of not seeing each other. Have to say I didn’t get robbed, stopped by police or put in prison and the drivers in Moscow are not that extreme either as I was told, some do misbehave and have to keep in mind it’s a big city, with over 15million people living there and there is always someone willing to break the rules, just like in any other place. To all who wonder – Moscow is safe 😉 As I have never been to other parts of Russia, situation could be different there.

My 9 days journey living on cakes, cheese, Russian ice cream and other super delicious food began! I ate till I was in pain… Moscow is not vegan friendly but plenty of options for vegetarians. Vareniki with cheese and potatoes is a must try, they look like dumplings but better and potato pancakes too. Russian pastries is something I couldn’t stop eating… It’s rare when I eat sugary stuff and told that to my friend and don’t think she was convinced… I could easily go back to Russia just for food. It’s soooo good!

Somehow I was disappointed in Moscow, it wasn’t as colourful as I imagined and because of that it felt a bit ‘greyish’, had too high expectations…my fault. Maybe it’s a good thing and knowing how big is Moscow it would be too crazy if all buildings would be as colourful as kremlins are, no peace for mind 😀 Don’t get me wrong, it’s still beautiful!

And my friend done amazing job showing me around and telling me about all places, the best guide I have ever had! And ohhh days, how beautiful some tube stations are! It felt like being in a museum!!!

Komsomolskaya moscow

Komsomolskaya tube station. Yes, it’s a tube station!

Elektrozavodskaya moscow

Elektrozavodskaya tube station.


Mayakovskaya tube station.

Kiyevsskaya moscow

Kiyevsskaya tube station.

Izmaylovsky Market moscow

Izmaylovsky Market. Was hard to believe this place is real! No, it’s not a Russian Disneyland or anything like that. There are many kremlins inside and a market.

Izmaylovsky Market

Izmaylovsky Market

After a long time we met 🙂

Izmaylovsky Market

Izmaylovsky Market. Whatever it is meant to be, it is big!!!

Izmaylovsky Market

Izmaylovsky Market


Lots of matryoshkas!

Izmailovsky market

Izmailovsky market. This is how the market looks like.

What felt strange for me on the first day in Moscow was seeing security gates like in airports at the entrance of tube and train stations and shopping malls. It is normal during busy periods that anyone who enters these buildings are asked to put the bag for a scan and person needs to walk through a security gate. It’s just for the extra security and is nothing unusual.

gum moscow

GUM department store. Not a person who likes shopping but I had to go inside here, so I walked around like it’s a museum 😀 


VDNKh – is a permanent general purpose trade show and amusement park. It’s very interesting to walk around and see great architecture in one place. This is just one of the buildings. There are a lot more in this park.

Tverskaya Street

Tverskaya Street. Main street in Moscow.

That’s it for now, I hope you enjoyed!