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All those years I lived in Latvia, never really spent quality time in Rīga, every single time I had a chance to be there, had to rush from one point to another. As I chosen to fly to Moscow from Rīga, not from London, decided I should have a small break in Rīga too and oh, how beautiful Rīga Old Town is!!!

It was a super busy time for me in Rīga, my schedule was pretty tight. Was trying to make time for all my friends and cousin who live in Rīga. It was still a rush but this time it was different, it was all about Rīga. My mum decided to join me for a day too and together we walked on every single street in Old Town. Old Town is tourist friendly and seems like everyone speak English, well no wonder, it was packed with people from all over the world! To hear Latvian during tourist season is rare.




If you ever happen to be in Rīga, parunāsim (translates as lets talk) is the place to go! Have never experienced such a warm and welcoming service! And all cakes are homemade.


Another must go place! Black Magic is the name of the place and it’s all about Rīgas Black Balsam – traditional Latvian herbal liqueur. They have a good selection of cakes, chocolate, coffee and yes, nearly everything is filled with this herbal magic.





The morning I landed, was welcomed with beautiful sunrise.