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Mountain beauties. Ben Nevis wild life.

And back again… Highlands have been often visited place this year and will be. My love for hiking and ice climbing (so far indoors, yes, there is such a thing as indoor ice climbing, I’m playing safe this year) is growing with rapid speed. Mountains have their own rules and often unpredictable and no matter what, it feels like a comfort zone to me. They make me swear a lot on myself and talk to myself out loud. They make me discuss all possible things and laugh too. Never in my life I thought I would speak with a rock or a tree and it feels alright. Actually, never thought I could go hiking alone. And it’s not scary, not at all. Challenging – definitely.




The fog never left the mountain…


Ben Nevis trail in some places can be very rocky. Kind of ‘easy’ to go up and slightly challenging to come down. Especially if it’s pitch dark…


Autumn in Scotland is the most beautiful my eyes have ever seen.

Hopefully, next time my photos of Scotland will be white.