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Golling waterfall. Green, soft moss makes this place magical.

It has been a year since my last trip to Austria and this time decided to wander off city streets and put on the hiking boots and off to the mountains and into the woods I went. Hiking boots are now officially the best footwear I had ever put on and city streets are no longer my holiday destination, my heart belong to nature and city streets have become hiking trails where it’s just me, animals and sometimes another human being to smile and say hello.

Have to admit, was disappointed with warm weather, it was end of November and still +15C. No winter for me this year, have given up on chasing it, there was not even a sign of it in Scotland last week. I’m patient, I’ll look harder next year, even if it means walking longer and higher… No matter how much love I have for green, my heart is craving for white. Winter, more specific – snow, I’m after you!


Golling waterfall.


Hiking trails in Austria are easy to follow, not all are marked this creative (a good idea what to do with an old pair of hiking boots), trails are marked with an Austrian flag and/or green dot or arrow. If I could follow them not getting lost, it means anyone can!




The wind was fierce, my camera was not safe, but somehow it felt like a spring, not end of November. Winter – I’m angry on you!


Pure beauty in Admont. They have amazingly beautiful library in Admont, one of the most beautiful libraries in the world. Unfortunately, it’s closed during November. Seems like November is a quiet month in Austria. 

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Can’t believe have delayed this post for a couple of weeks and another one is on the way… Like they say – better later than never. This year has been an interesting one and the forecast for the next one is even better, more adventures, will get out of comfort zone as much as possible. More nature too.