kinlochleven scotalnd

The best indoor ice climbing centre is located in this village – Kinlochleven.

Highlands have a warm place in my heart. Every time I go there, my eyes are wide open from amazement, my mind just cannot digest and believe how beautiful nature in Scotland is! Yep, it can rain for days and if sun is out – consider yourself as a very lucky person! 


First day in Glencoe, too green for January and no sign of snow, nowhere…

This time it was winter skills course what dragged me to Scotland, finally decided it’s time to get to know those big beauties better and plus, I really, really want to ice climb outside, not just in a massive freezer, nice too, just not quite the same…  Fingers crossed for good ice climbing conditions in March and April.

First day in Scotland was quite disappointing – sunny, green, no sign of winter anywhere! Not even on Munros!!! I think I have never checked weather forecast so much as I did the last week for 2 days, hoping for at least few snowflakes to drop and stay on mountains and for my course not to be cancelled. Wish came true. There was no snow down but on top of Munros was a proper winter! Felt like the happiest person on earth, smile never left my face during those 2 days of course.


Glencoe. The place I will never get bored with. Fascinating how colourful those mountains are, no matter what season.


Winter, winter, winter!!!


A big playground, there were people climbing all over the rock, just had to look carefully to spot them to see tiny, colourful jackets moving up.


Those guys were on course too (not mine), doing winter climbing. Nevis Range.


Some parts of Highlands remind me of Iceland, this place too.


Last day in Scotland, always hard to leave.

My plan this year is to go on adventures outside, not just hiking, need to do some ice climbing and rock climbing outside too, too much time spent indoors. Many people won’t like my words to follow – hopefully, weather will stay cold for longer, so many fun things to do in winter!