With all that beauty and activities Scotland has to offer, my trips to Highlands are more frequent, would say regular almost. No matter how many times I have been in Glencoe, area around Three Sisters gives me goosebumps, always and all those Munros (mountains above 900m) are slowly being climbed, should probably do a list and thick them off, if I could remember those Gaelic names of Munros… 

Highlands can give that ‘in the middle of nowhere’ feeling, feels like a different planet (well, planet full of sheep), far away from civilisation. Wonderful feeling. In my mind I’m planing my long hiking trips in summer, now just need to figure out how to use a compass and a map… will be fun! Got few months to practice and off I’ll go!



_DSC0687 copy

Almost look like a volcano!


My first ever night in a bothy, not a luxurious place but there is some kind of charm sleeping there. No electricity, no toilet, no running water, no phone signal but what amazing views and experience it is!