Second time in Iceland and surely not enough. I’m going back, just don’t know when. Wished I could extend 12 days into 3 months at least, magic didn’t work and never mind, in those 12 days seen some magical places. Extremely happy there is public transport during summer months at least people like me who don’t know how to drive can get somewhere!

My journey started in Skogar where camped for the night and seen countless waterfalls on a 10km hike. The most famous is of course Skógafoss and the sea of tourists around it is enormous. Luckily, most of them don’t venture on hiking trails and it takes just minutes walk to be away from the crowd and discover even more beautiful waterfalls.


skogar iceland

skogar iceland waterfall

Next 2 days were all about ice. Didn’t do glacier walk this time, just wanted to be next to it and enjoy it’s beauty. Last year when I was in Jökulsárlón, fell in love with ice, ice is my cold diamond.

Jökulsárlón icleand iceberg

Jökulsárlón icleland iceberg

Jökulsárlón iceland ocean

Someone was playing in the water!

Djúpivogur iceland

The bus journey is experience too, the whole journey is stunning, didn’t t dare to fall asleep.

Next few days – volcano and lava fields. Walking alone on lava can feel apocalyptic, felt like last human alive…

krafla iceland volcano

Lava fields of Krafla

iceland volcano krafla

Lava fields of Krafla

Last days were spent in geothermal area and that was something!

hveradalir iceland geothermal

Nature in Iceland is fragile and care need to be taken. Areas like Hveradalir, not as popular yet and if you ever happen to go there, please stay on marked trails. Those trails there are for a reason and they lead to beautiful spots and there is no need to wander off.

hveradalir iceland

hveradalir iceland

Kerlingarfjöll iceland

hveradalir iceland

When there is wind in geothermal area – good luck to see something!

Kerlingarfjöll iceland

Fluffy friends everywhere I go.

Kerlingarfjöll iceland

So nice to soak cold hands in the warm river down the valley.

Kerlingarfjöll iceland

Kerlingarfjöll. That little no crowd “Blue Lagoon” in remote places, just me and nature (maybe few sheep staring) and even river is warm too!

Kerlingarfjöll iceland

…and there they are. The last morning outdoors.

Was impressed by the weather, Iceland treated me way better than Scotland does… Just 3 days of rain, only one morning woke up to discover my tent is frozen and sun was out too sometimes!