The same place again, I’m so unpredictable when it comes to locations! Well, it was the first time in Scotland in October and it looked and felt like a new place. Munros (Scottish mountains higher than 900m) they change their colours beautifully according to season. This time decided to revisit Bidean Nam Bian (Three Sisters) and was surprised how empty the trail was! Can’t say the same about car park, it’s always crowded, luckily those people just stay there to take photos and off to the next stop they go. There was one brave heart attempting to walk up in flip flops, didn’t get very far…

There is always one thing what surprises me (still) on all the Scottish mountains –  weather. Seems like the mountain is trying to get me off somehow, sometimes it feels like it doesn’t like me walking on it and it sends wind to blow me off, sometimes refreshing hail showers, not even talking about rain, rain is normal and ahhh, that stubborn cloud waiting for me on top of the mountain. No matter what Munros do to me, I keep coming back and enjoy whatever that little, mean Munro has prepared for me.

scotland bidean nam bian

On the way to Three Sisters


My fluffy friends





After a short hail shower, ohh so pretty!

scotland tree sisters bidean nam biankalns


…that stubborn cloud. And wind nearly blew away the fillings from my wrap.

glencoe scotland

I keep coming back here just to see how everything has changed.

Highlands never disappoint me, no matter how many times have visited the same places, my eyes are always big from amazement. Highlands are beautiful.