Last year and beginning of this year was quite unsuccessful to find snow and experience winter, so Norway was a must and the last hope to feel the snow this year. Oh, how beautiful it was! And oh, forgot how painful can be frozen fingers and toes… 


Trip to Norway was quite short – a week long, not much of sightseeing. Anyway, all I wanted was to get away in nature, even if it means one day on mountains or forest I’ll be happy. For 2 days it got down to -14C, iPhone is useless when it gets to bellow zero, battery dies after 20min, had to keep it close to my body to keep it warm and camera memory card was playing up too, had to take it out to blow some warm air on it and put it back and only then it worked. Didn’t expect any of this…

Wanted to wild camp for 3 nights and camped just one. No matter how much I love camping I would never do winter camping alone again, at least not next year. It’s boring alone and was kind of happy of excellent internet service in middle of the forest. Internet connection is unbelievably good in Norway – anywhere! For many winter camping sounds like a punishment and it is a little bit. On the day to find that perfect spot where to pitch tent, I was enthusiastic, couldn’t wait! Followed the trail into the woods, found a nice spot next to the lake which was frozen and snow covered and started to unpack. Soon I realised I have no clue how to pitch a tent when ground is frozen and snow is more powdery like than solid to put the stakes in. Well, somehow I set the tent up and had a peaceful night without a wind and it was nice and toasty inside sleeping bag and have chosen the right sleeping pad and I super happy with it. Have to mention I’m proud of myself, didn’t get scared being alone in the forest, feels almost normal now.

The hardest part of winter camping is to make a hot drink or meal, to take gloves off was something I had to talk myself into. It took me 45min to melt snow to make porridge and tea. It’s definitely fun to do it with others together and I need to find those crazy winter loving outdoor people. Need to learn how to ski or snowboard, better chances and plus need to get better at being social, might be the best part to start with.

My mind was set to camp for 3nights and after my family and friends got worried about my overnight locations in such temperatures I started to question myself too, maybe it’s a little bit crazy. It is, but I’ll do it again and I truly believe it’s fun to winter camp with friends, just not alone. Was lucky the ski resort was just 2h walk from the forest and booked a room, hotel was empty, apparently it was off season. Spent the next night in a different hotel and the same story, but oh, what a service, was treated like a princess! There was no TV, I don’t watch TV but this time when there was none I wanted…



Beautiful morning sky.



How I missed those snowy branches!


Home for a night.


…the long breakfast.


Someone has found a perfect location.

Have noticed I’m getting less and less excited to take photos, almost need to force myself… Those are not typical Norway photos of fjords but all I wanted was to get away somewhere quiet.